Having begun life as a costume rental only business, Fancy That! has long been committed to the environmentally responsible principles of Reduce – Re-use – Recycle.

Now as a proud member of PEBA – the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance – we stand firm along with our professional industry colleagues, on following environmentally responsible business practices plus educating people on the facts about balloons & their proper disposal.

We use quality Qualatex brand latex balloons that are 100% natural, biodegradable rubber .  The production of latex has a long & positive environmental history.  The tapping of rubber trees for latex does not damage the tree & the industry is lauded as a green leader, providing carbon credits to polluters.  Click here for further information on rubber plantations. 

No Balloon Releases - Ever - Releasing any type of lantern or balloon product into the air is littering, plain & simple. There are so many ways to enjoy balloons that are environmentally responsible. We will not supply helium balloons for balloon releases. Ever.

"Pin It & Bin It" - an easy way to remember what to do with your latex balloons once the fun is done!  As our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable, the best place for them is your compost.   And it's heartening to know that most people do the right thing with their balloons - this message must be getting through!  Clean Up Australia publish an annual Rubbish Report detailing what type of rubbish is collected. Rubber is consistently at 1%, & this is primarily tyres. 

Foil/"Mylar" & Bubble Plastic Balloons are Re-useable - whilst latex balloons are the backbone of balloon bouquets & decor, we also use foil & plastic for specific designs & shapes.  Did you know these are re-usable?  You can actually release the air or helium & store them for later use.  Or check out these tips from Greentalk.com  for some creative ways to re-use foil balloons.  It's written with an American slant (deterring deer & woodpeckers!) however can equally apply to Australian conditions.

What about Helium - doesn't extraction ruin the environment?  No.  Helium is a by-product of natural gas extraction & as such is not mined for itself.  

Well isn't the Balloon Industry taking helium away from more important medical & manufacturing uses?  Again, no.  Medical grade helium is much purer than that used by the Balloon Industry & we are at the bottom of the food chain for helium supply.  

So next time you hear someone saying "Balloons Blow", or "Bubbles Not Balloons" - now you know the facts.  Balloons of all types - biodegradable latex, reusable foil & reusable plastic balloons - are a fun & fabulous way to celebrate.  And an infinitely superior alternative to single use plastics & detergents in bubble bottles.